1. Warranty – Does the shop of your choice guarantee their work?
  2. Policy on Aftermarket Parts – The Insurance Industry has favored the use of aftermarket parts for Collision Center use. Sunnyside Collision will only use aftermarket parts if they offer a professional fit in your vehicle. Sunnyside will try to have the parts department price-match the part in order to make sure it fits properly in your vehicle.
  3. Sublet Work – This work refers to all procedures and repairs that cannot be completed inside the body shop. It is important to know what type of work is being subletted, if the sublet company is certified and what type of equipment they are using (cutting edge or antiquated tools). Keep in mind whether or not they guarantee their work and what their policy on aftermarket parts is.
  4. Certifications – How can you be assured your car is in the hands of a professional? By choosing a shop that has staff who meet and exceed industry specific classes. Body technicians should be ASE & I-Car certified in all areas of the automotive service industry to provide you with a complete, safe and quality repair.


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